Important Announcement for Govt Employees about Impact of CM Punjab Change

There is news about the change of CM Punjab Usman Buzdar and the new CM will be Pervaiz Elahi. This news is announced today on 13 March 2022.

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What will be the effect of CM Punjab Change for Govt Employees?

Some government employees are embracing the political situation Khan’s government should go through while wanting the current government to be overthrown or the Prime Minister to dissolve the Assemblies.

The total loss will be to the government employees. The salary of the government employees has not been increased for the last 3 years.

The government is going to increase the basic salary by revising the four ad hoc mergers this year If the government ends then the interim government will be formed for three months. The next budget is to be presented by the interim government.

The interim government has the power to present only the economic budget. It cannot increase the salaries, relief and pensions of government employees. Therefore, the loss of going to the government will be only for government employees and government employees will have to wait another 4 years.

Govt Employees of Punjab were hopeful that this govt will revise the scales & increase the salaries as there was last budget of PTI govt but now i think employees have to wait for next 4 years.

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So now Punjab Govt Employees will suffer again and no increment in salaries. While Federal Govt Employees are already taking their salaries increase in March 2022.

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