Worth of Billion Rupees Laptops Stolen by Sindh School Education Department

According to the news, the Sindh School education department is involved in a corruption case of stolen Rs. 5 Billion worth of laptops.

The Secretary of the School’s Education department, Mr. Ghulam Akbar has taken notice of this matter and appointed an investigative committee consisting of four members. The committee will be led by Abida Lodhi Special Secretary of School Education.

Other members of the committee include Farrukh Warsi, Shahid Abro, and Assistant Director IT Parvaz Tanio. They will investigate and attempt to retrieve the laptops from the concerned employees.

Laptops were provided to department employees for official use, but many of the employees failed to return the laptops to the department.

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Asadullah Leghari, Shabbir Ahmed, Muhammad Qasim Abbasi Iqbal Khokhar, Nadeem Ahmed Soomro, former Additional Secretary Jamal Mustafa Qazi, Moazzam Ali Mari, Aziz Fatima Zahid Hussain Khemtio, Abdul Aziz Aqeeli, and Abdul Nabi Bhutto are among the individuals who failed to return their laptops.

Many other employees including the former Additional Secretary and Senior Advisor of the Curriculum Wing also not returned the laptops.

Section Officials Abdul Azim Abdul Aziz Abdul Nabi Bhutto and Tufail Ahmed Soomro first assigned the computers to these officers.

A stenographer of the department took away three laptops whereas the former Additional Secretary took five laptops. Web admin Anwar Ali Bhutto took away three laptops. 

It’s worth noticing that Mr. Farrukh Warsi who is a member of the investigating committee also failed to return his laptop. In spite of that, he is a member of the investigation team. It will be a challenging matter for the committee to investigate higher-grade officers and retrieve the official laptops.

Worth of Billion Rupees Laptops Stolen by Sindh School Education Department
Sindh Education department laptop corruption scandal

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