Why Hundreds of Govt Teachers did not get their Salaries for Nearly a Year

Whether it is the matter of the Regularisation of Teachers in Punjab or Salaries to Islamabad Teachers, it seems the Teachers’ community is always ignored by the concerned authorities. It is nearly a year that computer teachers in Islamabad Govt Schools haven’t get their salaries.

In 2017, the Ministry of IT build computer labs in 202 schools with the collaboration of the Universal Service Fund ( USF) in Islamabad. These labs were built in capital schools and colleges. For these labs, computer teachers were recruited after written tests and interviews.

Later on, in February 2022, the Ministry of Education took over these teachers’ contracts and extended them for the next three years, and announced that contracts will be renewed annually based on performance.

But unfortunately, these computer teachers yet not received their salaries for one year, due to the objection raised by the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues ( AGPR). This objection raised by AGPR yet not been addressed by the Planning & Development ( P & D ) Wings for the last couple of months.

The budget for their salaries even also approved by the Finance Ministry and handover to the AGPR in August 2022. But AGPR yey have not been disbursed the salaries because AGPR’s objection is yet to remain addressed.

Teachers expressed that they are facing a financial crisis in the current inflation time in the country. They warned the concerned authorities that if the issue is not resolved they will be forced to start protests and will come to the streets.

The government and concerned authorities must look into this matter and resolve the issue. As the current economic crisis is going on in the country, families are surviving hand to mouth.

Why Hundreds of Govt Teachers did not pay their Salaries for Nearly a Year
Why Hundreds of Govt Teachers did not get their Salaries for Nearly a Year

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