VU Handouts Mathematics Subjects

VU Handouts Mathematics Subjects (MSc Mathematics)

Virtual University Mathematics department offers the MS Mathematics under the faculty of science and technology.

Mathematics is a core subject for any field like engineering, IT & Computer sciences etc.

MS Mathematics have very wide scope in the education department including school, college and university level.

But if we talk about mathematics scope other than education department there is also bright scope in research and development fields like Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC and other strategic divisions.

After MS Mathematics one can join education field in school, college or university and also can join any R&D organization.

Virtual university is distance learning education and online classes are held for course work.

Exams, Quizzes, Assignments, and other tasks are done via Internet technology.

Virtual University Offers following programs in Mathematics.

  • MS Mathematics (2 Years)

Some Mathematics subjects that are not part of MS Mathematics but they are part of other degree programs like MSC Computer Science & IT, BS, MBA etc. The Handouts of those mathematics subjects are given below.

VU Handouts Mathematics Subjects

MTH101 – Calculus And Analytical Geometry Handouts

MTH202 – Discrete Mathematics Handouts

MTH301 – Calculus II  Handouts

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MTH302 – Business Mathematics & Statistics  Handouts

MTH401 – Differential Equations  Handouts

MTH501 – Linear Algebra  Handouts

MTH601 – Operations Research  Handouts

MTH603 Numerical Analysis  Handouts


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The handouts of MS Mathematics subjects are given below:-

MTH704 Computational Software’s for Mathematics

MTH706 Advanced Linear Algebra 

CS723 Probability and Stochastic Processes 

MTH701 Advanced Differential Equations 

STAT730 Advanced Research Methods 

MTH721 Commutative Algebra 

MTH748 Topics in Numerical Methods 

MTH753 Advanced Fluid Dynamics 


Some Handouts are not available yet for MS Mathematics Course Scheme.

Those handouts will be available very soon.

If you are a student of VU in Computer Science & Information Technology department then you will like the following collection of Handouts.

VU Handouts Computer Science Subjects.

If you need handouts of any subject that are not available here you can contact us via our Facebook Page.




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