University Education ban for Girls in Afghanistan Ordered by Taliban

According to the news, the Taliban authorities issued a notification on Tuesday to put a ban on women’s education in Universities across the Country. A letter from Higher Education Ministry has been circulated in this regard to all Universities in the country.

Despite the promises of the International community for a softer rule when the Taliban seized power last year, they are putting restrictions on women’s lives and ignoring International outrage. The ban on Higher Education comes less than three months after thousands of girls and women sat University entrance exams across the country. Many women aspire to choose teaching and medicine as future careers.

After the new Government in Afghanistan, last year new rules were implemented which include gender-segregated classroom and entrances, and women were only permitted to be taught by women Professors or old men.

Most of teenage girls across the country have already been banned from Secondary School education, and now banned on University education has also been implemented. Soon after the Taliban Government many of the women were pushed out of the Government and private jobs.

The government also barred from traveling without a male or relative and must cover up outside of the home, ideally with a Burqa. In November they were also prohibited from going to parks, fun fairs, gyms, and public baths.

Since the ban on Secondary Education, many teenage girls have been married off early, often to much older men of their father’s choice. Several families said in interviews that securing their daughter’s future through marriage is better than they set idle in their homes.

Many of the University students expressed their feelings with tears, soon they come to know about this decision. One of the students expressed her concerns that she is sad becuase she will be unable to continue her medical studeis in Kabul. many studnts and their parents are anxious and afraid in this regard , and not sure that what will be the future of the girls students in Afghanistan.

University Education ban for Girls in Afghanistan Ordered by Taliban