UAE Will Reforms Its School Education by Training and Recruiting New Teachers

United Arab Emirates UAE is one of the leading and progressive countries in the Middle East. Dubai the major city of the UAE is well renowned and on the list of the top ten safest cities in the World.

UAE Government always focuses on the development and measurements to be advanced in the World. Like other sectors, UAE also focuses to reform its School Education system with technology and through highly qualified and educated talent.

Recently UAE started ” Emiratization”, which is to recruit the UAE local community also in the Public and Private sectors. Any Organization with more than 50 employees must hire 2% Emiratis in their framework. Any Organization that fails to do this will face a fine and penalty.

Like other organizations, Dubai Schools also take an initiative to hire fresh Emirati graduates. Schools will hire fresh graduates and train them to become full fledge teachers in the future. In this way, they will promote the teaching profession among young Emiratis as well as meet Emiratization targets.

UAE’s biggest Education group ” Taleem” will start this program in September to hire and train Emiratis and make them capable so they can serve as a teacher.

Another School and Education group ” Gems also confirmed that they will hire more Emiratis talent as a teacher in their schools to meet the Government’s Emiratization target.

HR Director at Taleem, Talat Goldie also confirmed that the recruitment and training of the local teachers will start in the new academic year, which is going to start in September. She expressed that even high schools and college students can also apply and we will hire them as learning assistants, they might stay in the teaching profession in the future.

She also stated that Taleem will also explore talent in the Northern Emirates which includes Ajman, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. She believed that Northern Amirates also have an undiscovered talent for the teaching profession.

United Arab Emirates UAE’s goal is to increase the Emiratization ratio from 2% to 10% by 2026.

UAE Will Reforms Its School Education by Training and Recruiting New Teachers
UAE will train and recruit new teachers to reform School Education

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