UAE Lootah Group Will Open University in Karachi

United Arab Emirates UAE is one of the most developed countries in the World and especially in the Middle East. Pakistan and UAE have had strong relationships for decades. This relation is based on similar faith, religious thoughts, and traditions. UAE always supports Pakistan in many sectors.

In the recent development of UAE wealthy group named Lootah announced to invest in the Country in Health, Education, and Energy sectors. Initially, the Lootah group is planning to establish a University in Karachi. This announcement was made during the meeting between the Vice Chairman of the Lootah group and Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori. The meeting was held in Governor House Karachi.

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Kamran Tessori put the investment opportunities and climate of Sindh in front of the Vice Chairman. He ensures the Government’s support to the firms in the easy start of the businesses.

In addition to the University, the Group executive also announced to the installation of a power plant in Karachi. This power plant will serve as a hub for the whole nation and country.

Recently His Highness Shaikh Muhammad ruler of UAE visit Pakistan on a private tour in the area of Rahim Yar Khan for hunting. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif received himself at the airport. Shaikh Muhammad asked the PM to get ready as we are going to do a big investment in Pakistan.

Rangers and Police deployed in the Rahim Yar Khan area for security before the arrival of the Dubai Royal delegation. The Royal squad of also present in the Country for security.

UAE and Pakistan have close relations and many Pakistani skilled workers are working in the United Arab Emirates. Both countries strengthened their relations with trade and other investments.

UAE Lootah Group Will Open University in Karachi
UAE will open a University in Karachi

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