The Financial Crisis at the University of Karachi Affected Teaching Process Laboratories Closed

The University of Karachi, which equips more than 40 thousand students with education every year and gives highly educated personalities to the whole of Pakistan, has become a victim of the financial crisis.

The University’s administrative structure, financial affairs, and infrastructure are all in a state of disrepair. In view of the safety of the students, some classes and laboratories have been closed and there has been a severe shortage of chemicals and equipment in the laboratories.

It is the intervention of the University Administration, the Higher Education Commission, and the Sindh Government that is responsible for the plight of the University. Student fees have been increased several times but still, delays in salaries and pensions of University employees are becoming a norm.

The hospital has been removed from the university’s paper. Medical bills and salaries of Evening Program teachers and employees haven’t been paid yet for the last year.

The monthly salary of the non-permanent teachers has been withheld for a year. Due to the non-approval of the budget, financial difficulties are increasing at the University of Karachi. Three hundred employees are retiring, but there is no plan for them.

The last budget was approved four years ago. To end the financial crisis at Karachi University, all teachers, officers, and employees’ union associations and groups have announced a joint strategic movement. The movement demanded the Sindh and Federal governments restore the autonomy of the University of Karachi and restore the provision so that the teaching process is not affected.

The Financial Crisis at the University of Karachi Affected Teaching Process Laboratories Closed
Karachi University facing a financial crisis with no salaries for employees

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