Teacher Day 5 October 2022 Educators Jobs and Teaching Allowance for Govt Teachers

Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 October every year and it is a special historical day for the appreciation of teachers across the world many people make celebrations to honor teachers for their special contributions in a particular field area.

Murad Raas education minister of Punjab is famous for his announcement on Twitter tweets. Murad Raas has told the public through his tweets about the 16000 educators jobs in Punjab School Education Department. But there is no advertisement announcement after his tweets. Many youngsters are looking toward the announcement of educator’s jobs 2022 on World Teacher’s Day from Murad Raas. If Murad raas make any announcement we will update here on parho Pakistan.

Chaudhry Pervez Elahi CM Punjab announced the Pay allowances for teachers to honor the teachers in his previous speech at Punjab Assembly. But after his speech, there is no update on any extra allowance for govt teachers of Punjab.

Murad Raas Tweet on Teacher’s Day 5 October 2022

“To all the Honourable Teachers on this Teacher’s Day, I thank you for all your hard work and dedication towards our children. My request to handle our children with love and care. You are Nation builders. The future of Pakistan is in your hands. Best wishes from me.”

Now there is an update that CM Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi has departed for London on 4 October 2022 for an official visit so there will be no press conference of the exclusive announcement by CM Punjab for a Teaching allowance of 5000 for teachers of Punjab on Teachers Day in Pakistan. CM has announced 5000 Rupees allowance for govt teachers with the name of school reforms allowance.

On the other hand, Teachers are going to protest across all of Punjab for their pay and protection demand which is pending since Shahbaz Sharif Govt in Punjab.

While SSEs and AEOs which are part of the School Education Department are waiting for their regularization which is promised by Dr. Murad Raas a long time ago but still no update on that promise.

Twitter Trends on Teachers Day in Pakistan

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Twitter Trends on Teachers Day in Pakistan

In this trend CM Punjab Pervez Elahi, Education Minister Murad Raas, Law Minister Raja Basharat, and CM Punjab Son Moonis Elahi are tagged so that the voice of Educators can be reached in their offices.

This is the golden chance for PTI Govt in Punjab to make their votes bank better by Regularizing the educators who are 14000 and their families will vote obviously in this way PTI and Parvez Elahi can grasp thousands of Votes.

In the previous tweets, Murad Raas told that This Summary has been approved for Class 4 Staff Vacancies. The process should be starting in the coming days. I am taking care of the other Summaries as well. Just be a little patient. CM @ChParvezElahi & myself are on your side, be absolutely clear about it.

On 16th August 2022, Murad Raas tweeted that the good news for our 14,000 Teachers is that the file for Regularisation has been initiated, signed, and moved forward. Promises made – Promises delivered. More good news coming soon InshAllah. But after that there is no update. Let’s hope best on Teacher’s Day Murad Raas announcement.

He also tweeted about 16000+ Jobs for Educators on 17th August 2022.

But after this tweet, there is no further update. All Teachers and Master’s Degree holders youngsters are looking toward Murad Raas on Teacher’s Day.

If you are a teacher or waiting for Jobs in Education Department then simply raise your voice by replying to any tweet on Murad Raas Official Twitter account. More tweets will make him aware of your problems. The link to Murad Raas Official account is https://twitter.com/DrMuradPTI.

Murad Raas Official Twitter Account

CM Punjab Pervez Elahi Official Twitter Account

You can also raise your voice on the Official CM Punjab Twitter account. The link is https://twitter.com/ChParvezElahi.

CM Punjab Pervez Elahi Official Twitter Account

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