Supreme Court Orders to Implement Special Person Quota to all Government Institutions

The Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered for immediate implementation of allotment for special persons in all government institutions.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah of the Supreme Court issued a detailed decision on the quota case for special persons, in which the court specifically ordered the execution order to be sent to all government institutions and to implement it.

In its order, the Supreme Court said that employing special people in government institutions is not charity but their constitutional right. The number of special people in Pakistan is from 3 lac to 10 million. This fact cannot be ignored.

The court ordered NAB to immediately appoint a 3 percent quota for special persons and said that all public and private institutions should create awareness for special persons and that all legal and constitutional rights of special persons should be fully taken care of in the development of society. As normal Individuals are playing a role in society, similarly special people can also.

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In its decision, the Supreme Court also said that the words “disabled persons” should not be used for special persons and the Punjab Public Service Commission should not use the words “disabled” for special persons. All citizens of Pakistan are equal without discrimination.

According to the global report, special people are left behind in practical life due to negative social attitudes and difficulties in accessing offices. It is the responsibility of the state to fully protect the basic rights of special people.

Supreme Court Orders to Implement Special Person Quota to all Government Institutions

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