State -of-art Teachers Training Institute will be established in Capital

Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Mr. Ehsan Iqbal announced to the establishment of a state of art teacher training institute in the Federal Capital. He make the announcement while he chairing a roundtable organized by the Ministry of Planning.

He express his opinion and said that ” Teacher Training” is the most important after the curriculum but unfortunately it is always missed and ignored. The roundtable was attended by several experts in the field of education and they share their ideas with Minister.

Federal Minister sought the opinion of the education experts for the establishment of the state-of-art institute in Islamabad which will be a model for other provinces. He said that the educational techniques and teaching style have not changed in 50 years.

Minister said that besides transforming the curriculum and Teaching Techniques, we should revolutionize the madaris and system of evaluation. The reforms in the curriculum are much needed as educational growth leads to the prosperity of the Country. He added that teachers have to act as learning managers and groom students socially so that they become responsible citizens.

In addition, he said that previous Governments had worked on a Single National curriculum ( SNC) for the primary level. However, Minister said that our national heroes were portrayed negatively in the curriculum. “Instead of highlighting their glories in the sub-content, they were portrayed as sick in the curriculum.

Further he express his concerns about the reforms in the curriculum and teaching methods. He said that still in our society the old tradiontial means are implemented in the education. We should bring innovative ideas and reforms to update our education system. Then only we can compete with Modern World.

Mr.Ehsan Iqbal said that four projects were given to the Ministry of Education in 2013 when PML-N is in the Government but unfortunately still there is no progress in those projects. he urged the experts that come up with specific goals and ideas for the reforms. He assured stakeholders that despite of financial crunch the Planning Ministry will approve the project for this training institute.

state of art teacher training institute will be set up in ICT.