Six Best Private Schools in Dubai With Minimum Tuition Fee Under Dh 25000 a Year

Six Best Private Schools in Dubai With Minimum tuition Fee Under Dh 25000 a Year

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the World, people across the World are working and living with their families. Although it is a little bit expensive in terms of health and education. Parents who are living in UAE, pay heavy tuition fees for their children’s education.

Some institutions are charging ten of thousands of dirhams a year as tution fee. Dubai is the home of 217 private schools, parents have many options to choose a good and reasonable institute.

Top-level schools like Gems World Academy charge Dhs 117,552 for year 12. However on the other side Gems Our Own English High School tuition fee is Dh15,772. Both are rated as “very good” by the emirate private school regulator and Human Development Authority.

Schools in Dubai are assessed by private school inspectors every year. According to the KHDA assessment, 39 schools as “very good”, and many do not come with a high tuition fee. Parents can choose wisely a very good-rated school with minimal fees.

Here is the list of the six best private schools in Dubai with minimum Yearly charges.

  • The Indian High School
  • Delhi Private School Dubai
  • Gems Our Own English High School
  • MSB Private School
  • The Millennium School
  • JSS Private School

The Indian High School

The tuition fee is up to 10,465 dirhams per year at this school. The school is founded in 1961 and operates with three campuses. More than 15000 students are attending the school.

Delhi Private School Dubai

Delhi Private School charges around Dhs 14,416 per year. The school has been rated as “very good” for six years in a row. Around 288 teachers are teaching in this school.

Gems Our Own English High School

Gems Our Own English School’s yearly fee is up to Dh 15,772. The school is following Indian Curriculum and more than 10,400 pupils are enrolled in the school.

MSB Private School

MSB private school was established in 1985 and now operates with two campuses for Primary and Secondary education. The MBS school fee is up to Dh 22,500 a year.

The Millennium School

The school was established in 2000 with 11 teachers and 40 pupils. Now there are 160 teachers with a 9 percent staff turnover. The school fee is up to Dh 25,594 per year.

JSS Private School

JSS private school charges are up to Dh 25,116 a year. The school is established in 2011 and follows the Indian curriculum. More than 2000 pupils are enrolled in the school.

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