Shabe Barat 2021 – Importance of Shabe Barat

Shabe Barat 2021 will be on Monday 29th March night. It is the night between 14th and 15th Shaban. The importance of Shabe Barat is valuable for Muslims. It is also called the night of forgiveness. On this night with the order of Almighty Allah, heaven angles write down all the good deeds and bad activities of each person. And set out the fate of the person in the coming days. In this night all written that who will depart from this World and who will born, how much Rizq ( food etc. ) will be provided to each individual.

After Laila – tul – Qadar Shabe Barat is the most important night for Muslim Ummah. In this night Allah forgive and washed all the sins of people when they cry and ask mercy from Allah from the bottom of their heart. In this night all the blessings and sorrows which are coming in year ahead written down for each individuals. Muslims visit mosques on this night and do worship the whole night. There are many ways to do Ibadat ( worship) during this night but according to Ulema there are few worships that should do in abundance in this night, which are describing below.

  • Pray Nawafil with Long recitations
  • Recite the Holy Quran
  • Zikar – o- Azkar ( Third kalma & Darood)
  • Ask forgiveness from Allah ( Istghfar)
  • Dua

Pray Nawafil with Long Recitations

First thing need to do in this night is to offer Nawafil and recite the Holy Quran as much as can do in the Nawafil. In the first Rakat can recite a long Surah and same thing can be repeated in 2nd Rakat.

Recite the Holy Quran

The second thing is to recite the Holy Quran for a long time. If a person can recite many Parah it is the best way, otherwise recite some Long Surah like Surah Yaseen, Surah Mulk, Surah Waqia, and other lengthy Surah.

Zikar – o- Azkar ( Third kalma & Darood)

The third thing which needs to do during this night is Zikar and remember the Almighty Allah. Ulema says that try to recite Third Kalma and Darood Pak as much as you can in this night. Apart from these Wazaif, you can recite other Holy Ayat’s and Wazeefa’s.

Third Kalma

Ask forgiveness from Allah ( Istghfar)

Ask forgiveness from Allah of your sins which are committed during the year passed. Do Istghfar as much as can do.


At the end of all the above things done make Dua from Almighty Allah for self, for relatives, and for the whole Ummah. Make Dua wash out your sins and bring blessings in your life coming ahead and interchange the sorrows with happiness. Make Dua for forgiveness.

Wishes On Shabe Barat

On this Holy Night Muslims are wishing to their brothers in many ways. Some simple and common wishes on this occasion are as given below.

  • Shabe Barat Mubarak Ho
  • Shabe Barat Mubarak
  • Happy Shabe Barat
  • Have a Blessed Shabe Barat
  • Shabe Barat – maaf kerny aur Maafi mangny wali Raat

One important thing need to remember is that it is not necessary to awake the whole night and offer worship, but spend a few hours but do the Ibadat with full attention and with full of purity, feel like you are in front of Almighty Allah and you must come back once you are forgiven by Allah Azwajal.

Shabe Barat 2021

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