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The Sehat Card is a health insurance initiative introduced by the Government of Pakistan. It aims to provide free healthcare services to eligible families in the province.

Your CNIC is your Sehat Card. You can simply visit the Hospital entitled to Sehat Sahulat Program and can get treatment free of cost.

Under the Sehat Card scheme, eligible families receive a health insurance card that can be used to access medical treatment and services at designated hospitals and healthcare facilities. The card covers various healthcare expenses, including in-patient services, surgeries, medications, and diagnostic tests.

Check your Sehat Card Status Online

Check your Sehat Card Status Through SMS

SMS your National Identity Card Number to 8500, to check your eligibility in the program.

Check your Sehat Card Status Through SMS

List of Hospitals in Sehat Sahulat Program in Sehat Card Program

Check the list of Hospitals in the Sehat Card Program

The program primarily targets low-income families, ensuring they have access to quality healthcare without financial constraints. The Sehat Card covers a defined amount of expenses, typically up to a certain limit, depending on the medical condition and treatment required.

To avail of the benefits of the Sehat Card, eligible families need to register themselves and receive the health insurance card. The card can be presented at partner hospitals and healthcare centers to receive treatment and services without having to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s important to note that the availability and coverage of the Sehat Card scheme may vary depending on the region and government policies. Therefore, it’s recommended to contact the local authorities or visit the official website of the concerned government department for the most accurate and up-to-date information.