Punjab School Education Department Insaf Academy Program for Online Learning

Murad Raas Minister Punjab School Education Department has announced on his Twitter account the launch of the Insaf Academy Website for Online Learning.

The Punjab School Education Department has launched an online learning platform called ‘Insaf Academy’ for matric and intermediate students on Wednesday, September 14, which the department hopes will attract millions of inter and intermediate students.

According to Sarah Rehman, Communication and Public Relations Specialist of the School Education Department, Insaaf Academy will be a huge e-learning platform that will be available in the form of a web portal or mobile app and it will offer free educational courses across the country for both teachers and students.

According to the Provincial Minister for School Education Murad Ras, he had been working on this project for a long time and it was aimed at providing convenience to the students of classes 9, 10, 11 and 12 as students of these classes appear for the board exams. And there is a turning point in their life where they decide what they want to do next.

Murad Ras said that if the student does not understand something, he can write the questions online and he will receive the answers the next day. And he can ask as many times as he wants. This question and answer series can be in both Urdu and English languages.

He said that when the e-learning portal is successfully launched, live lectures will also be started on it in the next three to four months. Children will sit at home and listen to this lecture and during this time, if a question comes to their mind, they can press the action of raising their hand there to answer them.

He said that this platform will be a great facility for those children who cannot come to school during the day to earn money, then they will be able to take the exam by simply studying online and paying the board exam fee.

He said: “Education should be possible for every child whether he goes to school or not, whether his parents have money or not.”

The address of Insaf Acadmey Program is insafacademy.pctb.pk.

Download Insaf Academy Application

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