Punjab Police Physical Test 2022 All Information You Need to Know

Punjab Police Jobs 2022 are announced currently for the posts of Constable, Wireless Operator, Driver, SPU Unit, and Trafic Assistant. After the submission of complete applications and the due date, Punjab Police will start the recruitment process. Punjab Police Jobs 2022 recruitment process will be according to the below steps.

  • Physical Standards like Chest, height, and Eyesight checkups
  • Running
  • Written Test
  • Interview

Physical Test

The candidates must qualify for the following physical standards at the time of preliminary selection.

  • 1.5 KM Running – in 5 minutes
  • Push Up – 15 Pushp – ups in 1 attempt
  • Pull Up / Chin Ups – 03 Pull-ups in 1 attempt
  • Sit Up – 20 Sit-ups in 1 attempt

Running :

Running will be the first physical test which will be conducted early morning on the appointed Day. The candidates are instructed to cross the finish line within the given time. Candidates need to warm up before running. The best technique is to run slowly in the first 2,3 minutes it will help you build up the momentum and go speedy in the rest of the time to cross the finishing line time for preparation for this test start jogging and running a practice are most 1 month before the test.

Punjab police Running test

Push -Ups

Candidates who successfully complete the Running test will go for Push-Ups. 15 Pushp – ups in 1 attempt need to complete. Candidates will be lined up for push up there will be 15 repetitions at one time. The test conductor will call the counting 1 and 2, on count 1 your position will be straight on your arms as shown in figure A, on count 2, you will bend yourself towards the grounds as shown in figure B. Prepare yourself for push-ups by practicing at home or in the gym.

Push -UPs practice and procedure.
Figure A (first) & Figure B ( Second)

Pull – Ups / Chin – Ups

After the push-up candidates will be called for pull up / Chin-ups there will be 3 repetitions in 2 minutes. The test conductor will repeat the same count 1 and 2 for pull-ups. On count 1, you will have to hang with the pole in a straight rest position as shown in figure A below. On count 2 you will have to pull yourself up to such an extent that your chin should be above the pole you are hanging with as shown in figure B. People often considered this one tough because the conductor sometimes pauses the countdown and you have to hang in one position or count slowly so you have to stay in both positions for a while Prepare yourself for Chin up by doing its practice at home or in the gym

Figure A :

Chin Ups / Pull Ups practice & Procedure

Figure B :

Pull-ups / Chin ups practice and procedure

Sit – Ups

The next one after Chin – Ups will be sit-ups. Sit-ups are not much difficult as Chin-ups and push-ups. The term sit-up is quite confusing as some people think that it is a simple set/stand but it is a name of proper exercise in which you take your both hands on the back of your head as shown in the figure below. There are also Two Steps one is to sit comfortably with hands on the back of the head and the second is to throw yourself straight and then get up. There are 15 repetitions in one attempt like push up and Chin-ups. Same as in Push-ups and chin-ups the conductor count 1 and 2 at both positions of sit-up as shown below in the figure. This exercise can be practiced at home but for those who have a heavyweight intense practice is required

Sit-ups practice and procedure

Written Test :

Thereafter the completion of the physical test in all aspects, candidates will undergo the Written test o the prescribed Date and Time. The test will consist of the given patterns set by the Punjab Police. The most test comprises General Knowledge, Pak Studies, Islamic Studies, English Grammer, General Mathematics, and Current affairs. For a test preparation visit www.mcqslibrary.com

Punjab Police Jobs 2022 written test pattern


The candidates who pass the Written test will be called for the Interview. The Interview pannel can be consist on 2 to 3 persons. They will evaluate the candidate’s communication skills, personality judgment and other reelvant skills and evaluate his knowledge about Punjab Police , Pakistan and current affairs. Note that any type of question can be asked in the Interview. Canddiates need to be confident at the time of the Interview.

Tips for a Successful Job Interview

  • Be Punctual for the Interview.
  • Do research on the Company and the relevant post to which you have applied.
  • Be friendly and relaxed.
  • Describe your abilities
  • Ask when you are required to ask.
Tips for a Successful Job Interview