PTI MPA Suggests Education Minister Murad Raas to Extend Winter Vacations in Schools

As the winter holidays in Punjab private and public schools are near to end, likely to be open the educational institutions on Monday 9th January 2023. The rumors are around that might be Punjab Education department will extend the winter vacations due to sever cold in the Province.

However speaking on social media, Punjab education Minister Murad Raas tweeted yesterday that there is no extension in winter holidays anymore. In his tweet, he said ” why are parents and children waiting for more winter holidays? We used to go school in the same weather and never complained. What is the wrong with this generation, no one want to do anything specially study.”

Later on, PTI MPA Yawar Abbas Bukhari mention the Murad Raas in a tweet and suggested that it will be in the interest of our children if the winter school holidays could be extended until 15th January because of severe cold. Under such conditions, an extension of a few days will keep our children away from the effects of extreme cold.

Weather is getting worse and clod in the Province. But it seems that Education Minister will not extend the holidays in spite of suggestions from his fellow party members.

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