PPSC Merit Calculation Formula & Marks Distribution

Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC is well known government organization for recruitment in Punjab province. PPSC is famous for its rapid and fast recruitment process. PPSC follows the simple recruitment process which takes 3-6 months. This article is helpful for understanding of Academics marks calculator for Lecturers , Assistant, Junior Clerk, Assistant Directors, Educators & all other jobs advertised through PPSC.

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Recruitment Process of PPSC

1- First of all PPSC advertised its advertisement in newspaper & website. Parho Pakistan is providing free alerts of PPSC all advertisements. See all latest PPSC Jobs List.

2- In second step, candidates apply through submitting a challan form in national bank and then applying online on ppsc.gop.pk.

3- PPSC issues call letter through SMS & Email to candidates for written test.

4- After 2-3 weeks PPSC announced test result and then called the candidates for interviews.

5- After interview PPSC issues Recommendation lists.

PPSC Merit Calculation Formula & Marks Distribution

As we mentioned above that PPSC process is very fast. now we will talk about the PPSC Merit Calculation Formula & Marks Distribution for any recruitment.

Total Aggregate

Total aggregate marks of PPSC recruitment is 200 marks. 50% marks are counted from Test, 40% marks are counted from Academics & 100% marks are counted from Interview, while 10% marks are for conditional marks like Govt Employee’s son etc.

Written Test Marks

1- PPSC Written Test is of 100 Marks and 50% marks are counted in final aggregate.

For example Ali scores 60 marks in test then his makrs counted in final aggregate will be 30 marks out of 50.

Interview Marks

2- PPSC Interview marks are 100 marks and they are counted 100%.

For example Ali scores 80 marks in interview then his 80 marks out of 100 will be counted in final aggregate.

Academics Marks

3- Academics marks are very important in final aggregate. Formula for academics marks calculation is little bit complex. But Parho Pakistan is helping you to calculate your academics merit easily.

The Academics marks merit Formula Calculation chart for PPSC is given below.

PPSC Merit Calculation Formula Chart

Example:- Mr. Ali Matric marks are 85%, FSC Marks are 75%, Bsc (2 years) marks are 80% and Master degree marks are 70%.

Now Mr. Ali did matric, fsc and bsc in annual system while Master in Semester system.

First we will check matric marks, in annual system column we will find 85% range i.e. 80 & above and in 4 Exams system matric marks are 5. So Ali’s matric marks are 5 in PPSC Aggregate.

Now We will check fsc marks and you can see that 75% marks have 7 marks.

Now in BA Bsc Ali marks will be 11.

Now in MA Ali marks will be 14.

And now Ali Academicsaggregate in PPSC system is 5+7+11+14 i.e. equal to 37 so Mr. Ali Academics marks in PPSC are 37.

Total Aggergate of Mr. Ali in PPSC Merit will be 30+ 80+ 37 = 147.

What is the Meaning of 4-Exams, 3-Exams, 2-Exam & 1-Exam Tables?

Mr. Ali has done its MA, BA, FA & Matric so he will check his merit in 4 Exams Block.

Ms. Tayyaba has done her BS (hons) after FSC and matric so she will check in 3-Exams Block.

Mr. Taimoor is applying for Junior Clerk on basis of FSC so he will check his merit in 2-Exams Block.

Mr. Nasir is applying on basis of matric so he will check his merit in 1-Exam Block.

Note:- This above table calculation is just for academics marks calculation which are 40 in Total.

PPSC Academics Marks Calculator

Conclusion:- So now you will be able to understand the PPSC Merit Criteria & PPSC Merit Formula. You can easily calculate your academics marks by your own with this simple chart.

Still Confused? if you are not able to calculate then feel free to Whatsapp Parho Pakista’s team on 0307-2277888 for merit calculation help.

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