Power Outage and Electricity Shutdown Latest Updates

According to the latest update from Ministry of Energy and Energy Minister Khurram Dastagir, Electricity in the entire country will be restored by 10:00 pm.

Latest updates about a power outages and Electricity Shutdowns in Pakistan

A nationwide electricity shutdown and power outage in the Country left around 220 million people without electricity. According to the Ministry of Energy, the country’s National Grid went down at morning 7:34 am. Due to this Grid shut down a widespread breakdown in the power system occurred. Maintenance work is going on to fix the issue.

Almost most of the Country is out of electricity, and major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Multan have all been out of electricity since morning. Engineers of NTDC are fixing the issue but it will take around 27 hours as per the statement.

IESCO, FESCO, MESCO, PESCO, and GESCO all major companies of WAPDA are updating their grids and bringing up the shutdown grid stations gradually.

IESCO Updates about Electricity Shutdown

IESCO updated its consumers that more than 50 feeders are working now and gradually they are fixing the issue on other feeders also. It is requested consumers that carefully use electricity and try to avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity.

FESCO Latest Updates about Electricity Shutdown

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company FESCO latest updated its consumers. Still, FESCO engineers are working on feeders. It is expected that electricity will be restored after 10:00 pm.

PESCO Latest Updates about Power Outage

Peshawar Electricity Supply Company PESCO updated its consumers. Still, 105 grid stations are pending. Only 7 out of 112 grid stations are restored.

The Energy Minister Khurram Dasagir said that it is expecting Electricity will be restored in the country after 10:00 pm. Due to a failure in the grid station, the entire country went under a blackout. Somewhere people are using generators but the majority of the population is under blackout as of now.

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Power Outage and Electricity Shutdown Latest Updates