PM Launches Mental Health Application HUMRAAZ 1166 Helpline

The government of Pakistan’s initiative for citizens’ mental health and well-being, the “HUMRAAZ “mental health application and integrated helpline 1166 with the Ministry of National Health Services inaugurated.

The purpose of this APP is to improve the mental health of the citizens. If you are suffering from depression, tension, or mental stress then you can call free on 1166 and can consult with experienced psychologists and doctors.

This is a great step towards the development of the mental health of the Pakistani nation. This initiative is funded by the World Health Organization WHO, the Federal Directorate of Immunization ( FDI) Ministry of National Health Services, the Government of Pakistan, Micro Merger Pvt Ltd, and Autism.

Citizens can download this APP from the Android and apple play store.

How Its Work

  • Download HUMRAAZ APP either from Andriod or iPhone ( Apple Store)
  • Create an account either as a User or a Doctor. Sign Up Free for an App account
  • It’s done, check the FAQ section for any queries. Explore the amazing APP experience. It is a simple and amazing UI.
HUMRAAZ APP for Mental Health

Features of HUMRAAZ APP

  • 150+ registered Doctors/psychologists
  • Connect with professional psychologists from the hospital of your choice
  • Secure Data, while using APP your data will be secure
  • Live Chat, HUMRAAZ is available with the best tool like chatbot and Humnava.
  • Fully Functional, HUMRAAZ is fully functional with its latest modules of mental health therapy and provides access to the cleaning material.
  • 24/7 Support, get real-time emergency support by contacting the helpdesk on 1166 or avail of Whatsapp call/chat services.

User-Friendly Interface

HUMRAAZ is designed to provide you with a user-friendly and responsive interface.APP is developed with simple and easy-to-use functionalities.

HUMRAAZ User friendly Interface

How to Download HUMRAAZ APP

You can download the HUMRAAZ APP from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store


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