Pakistani Medical Students Expelled from Kabul Seeking Admissions in Local Medical Colleges

Pakistani medical students seek admissions in local colleges after expelled from Kabul

According to the media reports, a number of female students gathered outside the National Press Club( NPC). These medical students were expelled from Afghanistan Medical Universities and now demanding to enroll in Pakistani local medical colleges.

Why they were expelled from Afghanistan Universities, and why they are protesting for admissions, here is a brief short story about this matter. In the last months, when the Taliban take a big move in spite of ensuring the World Community about women’s rights, the Taliban put banned women’s higher education. Taliban Education Ministries issued a letter to all colleges and universities not to allow women to enter the institution.

At the same time, it affects Afghanistan women, it also affected Pakistan female students who were enrolled in medical colleges and universities in Afghanistan. Now, these students want to enroll in Pakistani local colleges to continue their studies. But PMC does not seem to own the students.

The reason for not owning these students is that the majority of these students did not clear the Medical and Dental College Admissions Test MDCAT. These students directly got admission to Afghanistan without seeking permission or even informing the PMC.

Students carrying banners and placards inscribed with appeals to the Prime minister and other authorities for seeking admissions in local medical colleges. Medical students demanded migration to Pakistani medical colleges to continue their studies otherwise their future will be ruined.

They also urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Suo moto notice to get them enrolled in public sector medical colleges. Around 110 female students were enrolled in Afghanistan Universities. They share their videos on social media also. Their exams were set to be in December but they were considered failed in exams due to the ban on female education.

PMC Vice President Dr. Khursheed Ahmed said that it is a normal practice when students failed in MDCAT or did not get admission in Pakistan, they move to other countries like Afghanistan and China without informing PMC. Students when completing their studies abroad and moving back to Pakistan, then they have to appear in National Examination Board ( NEB).

NEB is held to analyze if a student got proper education and if he/she would not be a threat to patients if started clinical practice.

Pakistani Medical Students Expelled from Kabul Seeking Admissions in Local Medical Colleges

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