Murad Raas last tweet about School Education Department and Public Feedback

Murad Raas’s last tweet about School Education Department and Public Feedback is shared by Parho Pakistan for general information.

Murad Raas was Minister of Punjab School Education Department. Murad Raas was famous for his tweets updates about all kinds of School Education department updates.

Murad Raas
Murad Raas

Today on 17 April 2022 Murad Raas tweeted about his tenure in the School Education department.

Murad Raas says ” I want to personally thank the whole Team of School Education Department Punjab for all their hard work during my tenure as the Minister. I especially want to thank the Teachers for playing a very positive role. My best wishes are always with all of you. I will miss the Students.”

Murad Raas Tweet & Public Feedback

This is the official Twitter account of Murad Raas. You can see the public feedback by clicking on the above tweet.

Steps by Murad Raas in his tenure

Murad Raas hold the office since 2018 and left in 2022 after the removal of the PTI govt in Punjab. Murad Raas’s tenure took the following steps.

  • Online Transfers
  • Online Retirements
  • Online Leaves
  • Online ACRs
  • Online Promotions
  • STR Ratio and Transfers
  • Holy Quran Subject
  • Urdu Medium Syllabus
  • Relaxation for Headmaster on Admissions Targets
  • Insaf Afternoon Schools
  • Upgradation of Schools

In short Murad Raas digitized the school education department during his tenure to make the transparency and less corruption.

Steps Ignored by Murad Raas

Regularisation of SSEs & AEOs was a major step that Murad Raas ignored even after many times protests by Educators. Most educators were young males & females and this thing will make trouble for PTI & Murad Raas in the next elections as PTI’s majority votes are youth but SSEs and AEOs could not get their rights due to the laziness policies of Murad Raas.

No Hiring of new teachers despite 55000 vacant seats in Punjab School Education Department while in PMLN tenure Shahbaz Sharif made recruitment in 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017 & 2018. The last recruitment in the School Education department was in 2018.

Share your Feedback about Murad Raas as a teacher or student in the comment section.

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