MEPCO Bill Online Check Duplicate with Customer ID and Reference Number

Multan Electric Power Company issue every month electricity bill to its consumers ( Commercial & Residential). The hard copy of the MEPCO bill is delivered to the consumer at their home or business addresses. MPCO bill is online and available for soft copy records. No worries if your original ( hard copy ) bill is misplaced or not delivered within time, you have the option to check the WAPDA bill online.

MEPCO Bill Online Check | MEPCO Duplicate Bill Check

Check MEPCO Bill Online with reference No.

Enter your 14-digit reference number and search for duplicate bills. A reference number is a unique number assigned to each domestic/residential consumer. Your 14-digit reference number is printed on your MEPCO Online bill. You can check it from previous bills.

Check MEPCO Bill Online with Customer ID

Commercial / Corporate consumers can check their MEPCO Bill by using their consumer ID. Entering your customer ID will allow you to view your WAPDA bill online.

Difference Between Reference No & Customer ID

The reference number is allocated to the general public like households and residential users. The customer ID is used for commercial and corporate users.

Get Your MEPCO Bill Through SMS

Consumers can check the bill details through SMS. All mobile operators are active. Follow the below steps to check MEPCO Bill by SMS

  • Open your mobile “Message” icon/button
  • Type PITC give space and type your reference/customer ID
  • Send it to 6334
  • You will receive your bill information through SMS ( received on your number)
  • Rs.5 + tax will be charged per SMS

Get Your MEPCO Bill Through Email

Registered your email address in the MEPCO management system. MEPCO will send bill details every month to your registered email

MEPCO Jurisdiction

MEPCO is providing energy /electricity to 13 districts of South Punjab. If you are living in these areas then you are a MEPCO consumer. The list of districts is given below

BahawalpurRahim Yar Khan
BahawalnagarDera Ghazi Khan

MEPCO Bill Components

MEPCO bill total amount is determined by several components. These components include

  • Electricity Unit Consumed
  • Tariff Rate
  • Meter Rent
  • Fuel Adjustment Surcharge
  • General Sales Tax GST
  • Other Charges

Electricity Unit Consumed

To measure the electricity units, a meter is installed at consumer premises. The consumed unit is the primary component of the bill and is based on the number of units ( kilowatt-hours-KWh) of electricity consumed in the month

Tariff Rate

The price per unit consumed is called the tariff rate.MEPCO follows a specific tariff structure set by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) in Pakistan. The tariff rate is different for consumers based on category ( Residential, Commercial, Industrial). More tariff rate result in more billing amounts.

Meter Rent

Like other companies, MEPCO charges an amount as a meter rent installed at consumer premises.

Fuel Adjustment Surcharge FAS

FAS is an additional component that includes in the MEPCO bill. It represents the fluctuating cost of fuel used in power generation, including the cost of gas, oil, and other fuels. It is adjusted periodically to account for changes in fuel prices.

General Sales Tax GST

GST is a tax imposed by the government on the sale of goods and services. GST is also applicable to electricity bills. It varies based on Government policies.

Other / Miscellaneous Charges

Other charges such as TV fees, late payment charges, or any other applicable charges are under the “other charges” section.

MPECO Bill Online & Onsite Payment Methods

MPECO provides multiple and easy payment plans. Users can pay the bill through the following methods

  • Online Payment
  • Through Mobile Banking Apps
  • Through Bank Branches
  • Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash
  • ATM Machines

Guidelines to Reduce Bill Amount & Save Energy

As we know that in the ongoing economic scenario, NEPRA is increasing tariff rates from time to time. This increase is due to fluctuation in petroleum prices in the International market as well as Pakistan’s deal with International Monetary Fund ( IMF). The basic conditions to give loans are to increase the Electricity and Gas rates and expand the tax network.

Due to high tariff rates, consumers are getting high utility bills which disturb their monthly budget. Here are some basic points to remember and follow if you want to reduce your bill amount.

  • Make a habit to turn off extra lights at your home or office
  • The usage of conventional lamps instead of fluorescent lamps can reduce the consumption
  • Minimize the usage of high-power-consuming devices like Air conditioners, Water Pumps, Microwave Ovens, Electric Heaters, and Washing Machines.
  • Electricity rates are usually high between 6 PM – 10 PM. Try to minimize consumption during this time period
  • Air conditioners are consuming high -power, try to set the AC at 26 temperature.
  • Use low-power consumption machines in industries.
  • Make sure employees must shut down the PC and other electricity devices while leaving the office or business setup
  • Always use quality cables for wiring
  • Unplug the charger when the mobile is fully charged.
  • Install Solar Panel systems in offices, industries, or homes to utilize them in the daytime

MEPCO Helpline Contact Number

Multan Electric Power Company has developed the best complaint system to deal with consumer complaints and customer care. All you need to do is contact the Customer Care representative of MEPCO available 24/7 to discuss and resolve your electricity-related problems.

If you are a MEPCO consumer you can make a direct call at MEPCO Toll-free number 0800-63726,  send a message at 8118, or directly call at 118 to ask about the load shedding schedule of your area, new connection tracking, and to discuss other electricity-related issues.

Multan energy consumers may email the official MEPCO website at to discuss their energy issues.

Installation of a new meter is also taking time. if you face any unusual delay from the MEPCO employee, directly call on the helpline and discuss your matter.

MEPCO Telephone Directory

MEPCO Staff DesignationOffice Phone Number-ExtensionMobile Number
MEPCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO)061-92202220345-4401111
Personal Assistant (PA) to CEO061-9220222-20020333-6142149
P.A/C.O061-9220205- 20050300-9632289
Staff Officer061-9220205-20050300-8730910

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MEPCO Bill Online Check Duplicate with Customer ID and Reference Number