MDCAT Syllabus 2022 Official Notification by PMC Pakistan Medical Commission

MDCAT Syllabus 2022 Official Notification by PMC Pakistan Medical Commission is released on 18 February 2022. Public Announcement about MDCAT Syllabus 2022 is available on PMC’s official website.

What is MDCAT?

MDCAT is an Entry Test for admissions in MBBS & BDS Colleges in Pakistan. You will get the Full Syllabus details on Parho Pakistan. Read this complete page.

MDCAT Syllabus 2022 Official Notification

Basic contents are from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English & Logical Reasoning.

MDCAT Structure, Weightage & Difficulty Levels

  • The total No of MCQs in MDCAT is 210.
  • The duration of MDCAT is 3.5 hours.
  • The format of MDCAT is Computer-based MCQs.
  • Minimum pass marks of MDCAT are 65%
  • There is No negative marking in MDCAT Test.
S.No.SubjectPercentageNo of MCQs
5.Logical Reasoning510

Difficulty levels of MCQs


Note: In Biology, Chemistry and Physics section, 70% questions will be recall and 30% will be application level.


1. Bio-diversity (acellular life/variety of life)
2. Bio-energetic
3. Biological molecules
4. Cell structure and function
5. Coordination and control/nervous & chemical coordination
6. Diversity among animals
7. Enzymes
8. Evolution
9. Life process in animals and plants (nutrition/gaseous exchange/ transport)
10. Prokaryotes
11. Reproduction
12. Support and movement
13. Variation and genetics/inheritance


i. Introduction to fundamental concepts of chemistry
ii. Atomic structure
iii. Gases
iv. Liquids
v. Solids
vi. Chemical equilibrium
vii. Reaction kinetics
viii. Thermo-chemistry and energetics of chemical reactions
ix. Electrochemistry
x. Chemical bonding
xi. S and p block elements
xii. Transition elements
xiii. Fundamental principles of organic chemistry
xiv. Chemistry of hydrocarbons
xv. Alkyl halides
xvi. Alcohols and phenols
xvii. Aldehydes and ketones
xviii. Carboxylic acids
xix. Macromolecules


i. Force and motion
ii. Work and energy
iii. Rotational and circular motion
iv. Waves
v. Thermodynamics
vi. Electrostatics
vii. Current electricity
viii. Electromagnetism
ix. Electromagnetic induction
x. Electronics
xi. Dawn of modern physics
xii. Atomic spectra
xiii. Nuclear physics

Content of English

The aim of English section of MDCAT is to measure the applicants’ skills in English language and to evaluate how prepared they are for undertaking graduate studies in medicine in English. The test applies a common standard to everyone to be able to evaluate the preparation of the applicants from different sectors, regions and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The benchmarks for the test have been developed in the light of the Syllabus used in HSSC and CIE. Since the students who take the MDCAT come from a wide range of educational contexts, the test comprises items that may be applied to a broadband of language competencies that arenot exclusive to one particular type of Syllabus.


i. To ensure complete alignment between the English Syllabus used in various sectors at the HSSCand CIE level and the test items

ii. To create a balance of items from different benchmarks of the English Syllabus outlined for MDCAT

iii. To make sure that difficult and ambiguous items beyond the scope of high school education are not included

iv. To design the test specifications

v. To design, select and arrange test task items

Content List of Logical Reasoning

Each Logical Reasoning question requires you to read and comprehend a short passage, then answer
one question about it. The questions are designed to assess a wide range of skills involved in thinking
critically, with an emphasis on skills that are central to reasoning. Types of reasoning questions that
may come in the MDCAT:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Letter and symbol series
  3. Logical deduction
  4. Logical problems
  5. Course of action
  6. Cause & effect

Download Full Syllabus Contents of MDCAT 2022 in PDF

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