Matric 10th Class Result 2023 BISE Sargodha –

Sargodha Board matric 10th class result 2023

Matric 10th Class Result 2023 of BISE Sargodha has been announced on 31st July 2023 at 10:00 AM.

Check BISE Sargodha Matric 10th Class Result 2023

Matric 10th class Result 2023 Sargodha Board

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE Sargodha conducts Matric ( 9th & 10th) classes and Intermediate ( 11th & 12th) every year. Generally, Matric exams are scheduled in April and May, while Intermediate exams are in May and June.

Sargodha Board matric results are usually published in July while Intermediate result announces in September or the end of August. All students who appear in Matric exams under Sargodha board jurisdiction are waiting for the result. Matric 10th class result 2023 announcement date is 31 July 2023.

Students can check their results online as well as through a gazette. Result through SMS service also available. Here are the main methods through which results can be viewed.

  • By SMS
  • By Roll Number
  • By Name
  • By Gazette

Check BISE Sargodha Matric 10th Class Result 2023 By SMS

Type your Roll Number in Message body and send it to800290

An easy way to check Sargodha’s matric results is through SMS. Type your Roll Number and send it to the code 800290. The marks obtained in detail will receive in a single message. Follow the below steps to check the result through SMS.

  • Open the Message folder on your mobile
  • Type the Roll Number in the message body
  • Send it to the code 800290.
  • Result details will be received.

Here are the details about each board and its relevant SMS code.

  • For BISE Rawalpindi 1st Annual Matric Result 2023 send an SMS to 800296
  • For BISE DG Khan’s 1st Annual Matric Result, 2023 send an SMS to 800295
  • For BISE Gujranwala 1st Annual Matric Result 2023 send an SMS to 800299
  • For BISE Lahore 1st Annual Matric Result 2023 send an SMS to 20029
  • For BISE Bahawalpur 1st Annual Matric Result 2023 send an SMS to 800298
  • For BISE Sargodha 1st Annual Matric Result 2023 send an SMS to 800290
  • For BISE Multan 1st Annual Matric Result 2023 send an SMS to 800293
  • For BISE Sahiwal 1st Annual Matric Result 2023 send an SMS to 800292
  • For BISE Faisalabad 1st Annual Matric Result 2023 send an SMS to 800240

Check Sargodha Board 10th Class Result 2023 By Roll Number

Each student has assigned a unique roll number at the start of the examination. This roll number is student identification. Visit the official website of the Sargodha board Select the class as “10th”, select the year of exams, and enter your roll number. To check the result click on the view result button. The complete result detail will be displayed.

Check Sargodha Board Matric 10th Class result By Name

To check the result by name, visit the official website of the Sargodha board. Select the class, year of exam and enter your name and CNIC. Click on the result view button. It is important to note that this option is available the next day after the result announcement.

Check 10th Class Result 2023 By Gazette

Gazette is an official document with all result records. Students can check their results from the gazette. All gazettes upload soon after the result announcement. These gazettes can be downloaded in PDF form.

Download BISE Sargodha Matric 10th Class Result 2023 Gazette

Sargodha Board Jurisdiction

The following districts are under Sargodha Board Jurisdiction. All administrative decisions and management of matric and inter exams of these districts are the responsibility of the Sargodha board.

  • Bhakkar District
  • Mianwali District
  • Khushab District
  • Sargodha District

What to do After Matric Exams 2023

After successfully completing the matric exam, the next step is to choose the field which can lead to a career path. There are several paths for students, but some commons are listed below.

  • Professional Certificates
  • Enrollment in 12th Grade
  • Diploma Courses
  • Foreign Education
  • Employment
  • Entrepreneurship

Professional Certificates

Some students enroll in professional courses or certifications that can enhance their skills and employability in specific industries. These courses can be in web development, graphic design, digital marketing, or language proficiency.

Enrollment in 12th Grade

Some students enroll in Intermediate ( 12th grade) in the medical or engineering fields. For medical, they can choose pre-medical and pre-engineering for the engineering field. Choosing this path can lead the students to higher studies like MBBS and Bachelor / Master’s degree in Engineering.

Diploma / Technical Courses

Students with technical skills can opt for technical institutes that offer diplomas or certifications in fields like information technology, computer hardware, electronics, mechanics, etc.

Foreign Education

Such students who are financially strong can choose to enroll in foreign institutes or Universities. They can get admissions in accounting, commerce, or IT fields in foreign Universities.


Some students choose employment instead of study. They can join the armed forces or other Government institutes based on their matric education.


Business mind students can start their own businesses. They can explore entrepreneurship and consider starting a small business.

Services Offer After Matric Result 2023

Sargodha Board offer the following services after matric result in 2023

  • Issuance of Marks Sheets / Certificates
  • Migration / NOC certificates
  • Result in Gazette
  • Supplementary Examination
  • Result Verification
  • Rechecking Paper and Revaluation
  • Awards & Scholarships

Issuance of Marks Sheets / Certificates

BISE Sargodha is responsible to issue detailed marks sheets and certificates to pass candidates. These certificates are required to pursue further education and admissions

Migration / NOC Certificates

Sargodha Board provides no objection certificates ( NOC) and migration certificates to students who are willing to continue their studies in other educational boards. They require migration certificates from the existing board. This is the board’s responsibility to provide certificates.

Result in Gazette

After the result announcement, the board provides a gazette in hard form to the private and government institutions. Students can also check their results from gazettes.

Supplementary Examinations

The board conducts supplementary exams also known as 2nd annual exams for those who fail in 1st annual exams or seeking for marks improvement. They can reappear in the supplementary exams.

Result Verification

Boards provide the facilities to verify the result cards and certificates

Rechecking Paper and Revaluation

Some students are not satisfied with their results. They can apply for paper rechecking and mark revaluation. There is a proper procedure and fee for this purpose. All students looking for this service should apply within the time frame.

Awards & Scholarships

The educational board provides scholarships and awards to position holders. The purpose is to motivate such students so they can continue their studies with aims and goals.

Also, Check What to Do After Matric Result 2023

2nd Annual Exams Schedule 2023

Those students who fail the matric exam or want to improve their marks can avail of the Supplementary exams also known as 2nd annual exams.

2nd annual exams will start on 15 September 2023. The complete Schedule and notification are given below

2nd annual exams 2023 schedule

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About BISE Sargodha

BISE Sargodha is one of the educational boards in Punjab, Pakistan. It is responsible for conducting examinations for both intermediate (11th and 12th grade) and secondary (9th and 10th grade) education in the Sargodha division.

Board Established in 1968, BISE Sargodha’s main objective is to ensure the smooth and transparent evaluation of student’s academic achievements. The board follows the guidelines set by the Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen (PBCC) to maintain uniformity and fairness in the examination process.

The key responsibilities of BISE Sargodha are described below

  1. Examinations Conduction: Sargodha board holds annual examinations for matriculation and intermediate students. These examinations are conducted in various examination centers across the Sargodha division.
  2. Registration of Students: The board is responsible for registering regular and private candidates for the matric and intermediate examinations. It provides students with admit cards and roll numbers, which are required for appearing in the exams.
  3. Result Announcement: BISE Sargodha declares the results of matric and intermediate examinations after a thorough evaluation process. The results are published on the official website as well as available in the form of a gazette
  4. Affiliation of Educational Institutions: BISE Sargodha is involved in affiliating secondary and higher secondary educational institutions in its jurisdiction. These institutions must meet specific criteria and standards set by the board.
  5. Issuance of Certificates and Diplomas: After the successful completion of examinations, BISE Sargodha awards certificates, diplomas, and other relevant documents to the qualifying students.

Detail about all Boards in Punjab

There are 9 Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE in Punjab according to divisions. All Boards announced SSC results for 2022 together according to schedule. Check online Matric 9th Class results for all Boards across the Punjab Province. A list of all Boards in Punjab is given below

  • Bahawalpur Board
  • D.G.Khan Board
  • Faisalabad Board
  • Gujranwala Board
  • Lahore Board
  • Rawalpindi board
  • Sargodha Board
  • Multan Board
  • Sahiwal Board

Contact Information of Sargodha board

Address: BISE Sargodha, Near 49-Tail, Faisalabad Road, Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone: +92 48 9230386



Frequently Ask Questions FAQs

What is the Date of Matric Result 2023?

Matric 10th class result announcement date is 31 July 2023. All Punjab educational boards will announce results simultaneously.

How can I check my BISE Sargodha result by name?

Visit the official website of the Sargodha board. Enter your name, CNIC, class, and year of exam. Click on the view result button.

How can I check my 10th class result by Roll Number?

Visit the Sargodha board official website. Select class and year of exam , then enter Roll Number and click on view result button.

How can I check my 10th class result in Bise Sargodha?

Sargodha Board matric result can be checked through various methods like by SMS , by name , by gazette and by roll number

How do I Check my Bise Results?

All Boards result can be checked by four methods. By name , by SMS , by roll number and gazette.

Can I Check my 10th Class Result Online

Yes , you can check your matric result online through official website of the particular board. Visit Parhopak to check matric results online

BISE Sargodha

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