Labor Day 2021 – History of Labor Day

Labor day is celeberating on 1st May of each year. It is a day celebrating to show unity and best wishes to the labor community around the World. Why labor day is celeberating on 1st May and what were the reasons that 1st May announced as Labor day will be explained in this topic.

Earlier in the Industrial era where labor in Asia and Africa were living a miserable life, the labor community in Europe and America also living a low standard life working for 16-18 hours per day. They are getting a very fewer amount of wages against continuous 16-18 working hours. This wage payment is not enough to fulfill their all basic needs and they compelled to live a hand-to-mouth life.

On 1st May 1886, a huge protest was done in Chicago. Around 400,000 labor took part in this protest and their demand was to reduce the working hours to 08 hours per day. The Chicago police attacked labor and many laborers were killed and injured. Later on, in 1887, the Government nominated many labor leaders like Angel, Fisher, etc. in false lawsuits and hanged them. Then in 1891 many labor Organizations in France recognized 1st May as labor day. Today in many countries of the world like China, India, Argentine, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain are celebrating 1st May as labor day. In America, labor day is celebrating every first Monday of September. Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands also celebrating on the first Monday of September month. Every year on labor day Governments all over the World announced Public holidays in order to ease the labor life.

Labor Day 2021 - History of labor Day

Slogan of 8 Hours Work – 8 Hours Rest & 8 Hours Socializing

In Chicago Protest ( 1886) the main slogan of hundred thousand labor were that they need to work for 8 hours while remaining hours they want to rest and social activities. We can understand this slogan with a mathematical example. In a whole day, there are 24 hours and if we divide it into three parts it will come that 8 hours for work and 8 hours for rest( commonly sleep) and remaining for social activities( meeting with friends, relatives, outing, gaming, etc.).

Labor Community is playing a vital role in the progress and prosperity of the Country. The purpose of labor day is to make the necessary arrangements that will make labor life easy. But it is sad to say that until today labor community did not get what they deserved. While people are celebrating and enjoying public holidays, laborers are working on that day also at different places and organizations.

We can say that even after passing 135 years of labor efforts still no major change can be seen around the World for laborers. Still, the labor community is suffering from basic issues, no proper salary or wages. Even the Government is announcing minimum wage amount for laborers, but a study reveals that 80% of companies, factories, etc. are not giving minimum wage amount set by Country Government. The concept of trade Unions also not much in organizations. In the current era Private companies, Commercial Banks, Institutes not allowing any trade union within the company.

COVID – 19 and Labor Day

COVID – 19 affects the whole World, the process of manufacturing, production of goods, etc. everything is disturbed due to COVID – 19. This pandemic badly affects labor life. labor community is fighting a battle in this pandemic against health and food. Employment opportunities are reduced due to COVID – 19 and thousands of workers lose their jobs. The labor community is suffering most in this global pandemic. Government should focus on this community and provide basic necessities like health and food.

Labor Day 2021

How to improve Labor Community Life’ s Standard

In spite of the Labor Movement that started in 1886 and afterward today after more than a hundred years still labor life is a low standard and not matching with other communities of the culture. The question is that how labor life can b approved and who are responsible to make sure that labor laws shall be followed strictly.

Implementation of Fix Wage ( minimum) Law.

Most of the time Government announced the minimum amount that must be given to labor as minimum wage. But after the announcement 80% of institutions and employers not following this rule and not following the Government rules. There should be punishments for those who are not following, as well as there is direct access to Government Officials to put their complaints against their factory / Employer if he is not getting the minimum amount.

Establishment Of Trade Unions

Earlier in Nineteen century, there is a concept of trade unions in Government institutions as well as in Private also. But as time goes on Companies are banning trade unions in order to protect themselves from labor demand. One solution is that trade unions should be allowed then only labor can communicate with Management.

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