How to use VPN in Pakistan safely when internet services are down

Due to the current law and order situation in Pakistan PTA has stopped internet services throughout Pakistan. People are using VPN Services to explore the social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

But due to a lack of IT knowledge people are using random VPN apps without fear of their security. Their personal data can be hacked due to these VPN apps.

Parho Pakistan is giving free advice to VPN users that avoid using random VPN Apps. We have researched a safe method to use VPN. In this VPN your data and information will be secure.

How to use VPN in Pakistan safely

Is anyone struggling to access some apps?

Don’t use any random VPNs, instead use the Cloudflare app

It’ll give you Pakistani IP so your accounts won’t get affected. But you’ll get full access to content and no apparent speed degradation.

Simply go to any browser and type and download the app for your phone or computer.

Much safer than using any random app.

From the above website, you can download VPN Apps for your device. Your device can be an android phone, iPhone, Mac, Windows Laptop, or Linux system.

Download VPN for Android

Download VPN for iPhone

Download VPN for Windows

Download VPN for Mac OS

Download VPN for Linux

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