GRE Test Helping Books

GRE Test Helping Books

GRE Test is officially taken by ETS (Educational Testing Service)

GRE purpose is to test the general ability of candidates for different opportunities like Scholarships etc.

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Now if we talk about GRE in Pakistan then for most scholarships offered by Pakistan Federal Government then GRE is held by National Testing Service.

This GRE is not official GRE but it is exactly on the pattern of original GRE.

If you have GRE by ETS then you can also present that result card.

In Case you don’t have then you should participate in National Testing Service GRE Type Test for a specific purpose.

Now as we discussed that GRE by National Testing Service Pakistan or GRE by ETS has the same pattern then preparation material for both is same.

There are usually three portions of a typical GRE Test.

  • 1- Verbal
  • 2- Analytical Reasoning
  • 3- Quantitative 

We have searched out some material in form of PDF Books for your preparation of GRE. (GRE Test Helping Books)

Helping Books for Verbal Part

Helping Books for Quantitative Part

Practice Problems

Practice Problems of GRE Complete Book (1st Edition)

Practice Problems of GRE Complete Book (2nd Edition)

We will provide more materials for GRE test preparation with time.

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GRE Test Helping Books






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