Govt Employees Salary Increase in Budget 2022 – Salary and Pension

According to the ARY News & Daily Times, we gathered information about Govt Employees’ Salary increases in Budget 2022-2023.

Govt of Pakistan is thinking about a proposition to raise the pay rates of its workers and beneficiaries by 5% to 15%, as indicated by the Finance division’s recommendations. The choice will be dependent upon IMF endorsement. As per sources, Govt has prepared three propositions concerning the federal budget and the salaries and pensions of government employees.

Under the heading of Adhoc Allowance, a 5pc to 10% expansion is proposed for representatives stirring in grades up to BS 19, while a 10% to 15% increment is recommended for government Officers working in BS 20-22. However, the final decision is linked to the prior approval of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The pension will also be increased by 5 to 10 percent. In April 2022 Miftah Ismail took back the decision of a 10% increase in salaries and said that we will see the salary option in Budget 2022-2023.

Petrol Prices is increased up to 209 PKR per liter and Cooking Oil price is 550 PKR per liter even before the annual budget. Employees are looking towards govt to get some relief from this inflation.

Conveyance Allowance was revised in 2012 and now after 10 years, it is at the same ratio while Fuel Prices are increased by 1000 times as compared to 2012.

The new govt motto was to decrease inflation and provide relief to the public and prepare themselves for the next General Elections in 2023 but due to this inflation and price hike public is looking back to the old govt as there were some reliefs packages in the previous govt.

There is some news that maybe there will be no increase in salaries or maybe govt start a deduction from salaries above a handsome amount to tackle the inflation.

While Miftah Ismail cleared up some fake news in his latest tweets given below.

“There is absolutely no plan to freeze foreign currency accounts or Roshan Digital Accounts or take over people’s private lockers. We have never even contemplated these steps. Nor will we ever do it. Speculation on social media about this is wrong and coming from biased quarters.”

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