Government Employees Protest in Lahore in front of CM Office Punjab

The government Employees of Punjab are protesting in front of CM Office Punjab from 27th December 2022.

This protest is by contract employees of School Education Department Punjab for their regularisation.

These employees are working since 2014 on bps-16 but their services are still on contract and they have no job security in future.

The service of contract period is not applicable for pension and will not count in total service.

These employees are protesting since 2018 in different area and times. They protested in Bani gala at the residence of Imran Khan but could not get their rights.

Now these employees are protesting in front of CM Office Punjab and Zaman Park Imran Khan Residence in Lahore.

This protest is started on 27th December 2022 and still continue. PTI govt has already made promises many times but did not implement.

Murad Raas Minister school education department has also promised these employees but still there is no progress.

Government is also going to hire 25000 new teachers in Punjab education department through testing service. The official advertisement will be announced soon.

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