GB Government will Hire Thousands of Teachers in Next Six Months

Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Government has decided to hire 4000 teachers in the next six months to meet the shortage of teachers in public schools within the Province. The recruitment of thousands of teachers will make availability of teachers in the region.

The core decision was taken in the first meeting of the Education Reforms Steering Committee. The committee was presided over by the Chief Minister of GB Mr. Khalid Khurshid.

This committee was formed to bring reforms in the Gilgit Baltistan Education sector and to provide equal opportunities for education to all boys and girls. Moreover, it brings quality and standards to the education sector.

The committee also agreed to cancel the attachments ( teachers deputed or serving in other departments) of the teachers and they should immediately report to their respective stations.

The GB Education Minister Mr. Raja Muhammad Azam Khan stated that natural disasters affected the educational institutions in the Province, and will be rebuilt on a priority basis.

Minister also visited the schools and interacted with schools instructors and authorities. He also promised to solve the real issues that teachers are facing on a priority basis.

Gilgit Baltistan formally known as Northern Areas is a region administered by Pakistan as an administrative territory. Population of the GB is 1.249 billion ( 2013 record). The languages in GB used are Balti , Shina , Wakhi , Burushaski , Khowar , Purgi , Brokskat , Ladakhi and Urdu ( administrative language).

GB Government will Hire Thousands of Teachers in Next Six Months

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