Free Education Laptops and Driving Licenses for Kashmiri Students in Punjab

In a recent development in the Province, interim Chief Minister Mr. Mohsin Naqvi took a bold step and announced to the elimination of tuition costs for Kashmiri students who are enrolled in the Punjab educational institutions.

Kashmiri students will also receive free laptops for the development of their digital skills. The students will also be given a driving license by the traffic police, which will make it easier for them to travel and continue their studies. This will help around 200 students.

A delegation of Kashmiri students met with the caretaker Chief Minister and expressed gratitude for such a great effort to demonstrate solidarity with the Kashmiri people.

CM Office also directed the Punjab Bank to create an account for these students. This will help them in their financial management.

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Furthermore, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi also ordered to the elimination of the daily challan policy in the province.

He instructed that there should be no quota for the daily challan. He also ordered the operation of the traffic police offices in two shifts to make it easier for people to get their driving licenses.

During the meeting with students, a prayer was offered for the people who died in an earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Yesterday Turkia and Syria were shooked by a massive earthquake with 7.6 magnitudes on the rector scale. Thousands of people died and millions are homeless.

Free Education Laptops and Driving Licenses for Kashmiri Students in Punjab
Punjab Govt announced to waive of tuition fees for Kashmiri students

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