FPSC CSS Written Part Result 2022 Statistics and Failure of Education System

FPSC CSS Result 2022 Written Statistics Competitive Examination has been announced on 6 December 2022. The total candidates who passed CSS 2022 written examinations is 393.

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Statistics of FPSC CSS Result 2022 Written Competitive Examination

  • Total Number of Candidates Applied for CSS: 32059
  • Total number of Candidates who Appeared in Written Examinations: 20262
  • Total number of Candidates who Passed in Written Exam: 393
  • Pass Percentage w.r.t Appeared Candidates: 1.94

There was a total of 32059 applications received by FPSC for CSS Written Examinations after MPT Test. Out of these only 20262 candidates appeared in the written examinations.

11797 candidates who passed the MPT test and applied for Written Examinations but failed to appear in the examinations.

Out of 20262, only 393 candidates are successful in the written part. This signal indicates our education system’s failure. Our Universities that are getting high fees for degrees could not produce good graduates more than 1.94%.

Only 1.94% of candidates passed the written part of CSS. This means that out of each 100 candidates hardly 2 candidates could pass all the papers.

List of Successful Candidates in CSS Written Part 2022

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