Federal Ministry Announces Huge Increase in Salaries of Daily Wage Employees

According to the News, Federal Education Ministry finally accepted the long-standing demand to increase the salaries of daily wages employees. The daily wager employees of the Federal Directorate of Education ( FDE) were demanding to increase in their salaries for a very long time.

Official notification has been issued from the Federal Ministry of Education, and the minimum salary of the daily wage employees increased to Rs.25000/- per month. The request of FDE for provision of Rs. 111 million on account of enhancement of wages to Rs. 25,000 per month to daily wagers of FDE has been considered, the notification stated.

The notification added that the allotment of the expected sum through the re-assignment out of accessible assets of the Service during the ongoing monetary year 2022-23 has been supported.

In this manner, the Service has delivered Rs. 15 million to different schools and universities under the FDE out of the accessible equilibrium of arrival of Q2 FY 2022-23.

Though, the schools and universities will get the excess sum during Q3 FY 2022-23.

Salary Increase for Daily wage employees in Federal Ministry of Education

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