Federal Capital Reported 20 Suspected Cases of Monkeypox

According to information from a leading newspaper, 20 suspected cases of monkeypox have come to light in the federal capital Islamabad.

Sindh Health Minister Azra says that those who come in contact with a patient of monkeypox must be kept in isolation and monitored. Patients can be placed in the Institute of Infectious Diseases She said that the test kits for monkeypox are not available in the country.

The sample will be forwarded to NIH or abroad for further inspection. It should be noted that the first case of monkeypox in Pakistan was reported in Islamabad yesterday.

The infected person had entered from Saudi Arabia and returned home. The virus was also confirmed in the passenger sitting with the infected person on the plane.

Government is conscious and taking measures to control the virus. Citizens should also take precautionary measures and wear masks in public places.

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