Enforcement of Helmet Usage for Motorcyclists Across Punjab

Police to enforce helmet use in Punjab

An official notification has been issued from the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police regarding the usage of helmets. This notification is attached to all district police officers in Punjab.

Petrol prices in Pakistan are increasing due to the number of bike users are also increased. Govt is trying to fulfill the demand of users by importing fuel from other countries.

Now it is compulsory for all motorcyclists to wear helmets. The notification stated that ” in order to ensure road safety and prevent loss of precious lives, it is directed that the use of helmets by motorcyclists is enforced in all CTPs/ districts with immediate effect. Action must be taken against all those who are not wearing helmets and a diary regarding action taken against violators must be sent to the office of the undersigned on a daily basis sharp at 9 AM.” Strict compliance must be ensured.

Violators will face heavy fines and strict actions. This step is taken to avoid accidents and to prevent loss of lives.

Here is the official notification

Enforcement of Helmet Usage for Motorcyclists Across Punjab

Why Helmet is mandatory for Bikers

Wearing a helmet is mandatory in many countries and regions. There are some reasons behind this law which are described below

Personal Safety: Wearing a helmet prevents the bikers from severe head injuries. the helmet is designed in such a way that it absorbs energy and prevents the biker from brain damage and head injury. The use of a helmet increases the chances of survival.

Public Health and Economic Impact: Using helmets can impact economic and public health. When bikers use the helmet there are more chances of survival. On the other hand, severe injuries can take the biker to emergency and treatment can be expensive. The burden of treatment fall on the health system and on society as well.

Influence on Insurance: Bikers can claim insurance in case of an accident. Without a helmet, a claim can be complicated. Most insurance companies’ terms and conditions include the measurement of safety. Wearing a helmet can help you in claiming your insurance.

Setting an Example: Wearing a helmet and properly following the safety measures present a civilized culture and society. As in most countries, it is legal and a law, it also shows that people are following the rules and law. It presents the country in a good manner in front of the world.

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