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Peshawar Postal Code Area Zip Codes for Peshawar Post Offices

Peshawar Postal code area zip codes

In Pakistan, Postal Code is a 5-digit code that is used for automated mail sorting and to deliver mail accurately. It is usually mentioned in the last of the address. Postal codes are also known as postcodes or Zip Codes. In the United States, it is termed as ZIip Code, while the rest of the- Apply Now

Lahore Postal Code Area Zip Codes for Lahore Post Offices

Lahore Postal Code Area Zip Codes

Here the complete list of Lahore Postal codes is given. There are various post offices with different locations. The postal code of Lahore is 54000 which represents Lahore GPO. Lahore Postal Code Post Office Name Postal Code Main Post Office BALLOKI 55210 Lahore GPO BARKI 53200 Lahore GPO CHAH MIRAN 54900 Lahore GPO CHUHANG 53800- Apply Now