30pc Salary Increase for govt employees of Punjab in Budget 2022

Punjab Govt Budget 2022-2023 is presented on 13 June 2022. There is good news for govt employees of Punjab because govt has increased salaries with a 30pc increment. Employees of Punjab were waiting for a long time for their disparity reduction allowance of 15pc which was granted to federal govt employees in PTI tenure but was not given to Punjab.

Now new govt and CM Hamza Shahbaz have announced a 15pc Adhoc allowance 2022 and a 15pc disparity reduction allowance for govt employees so that they can manage the ongoing inflation and hike in petrol prices.

Furthermore, the federal govt has already announced the newly revised pay scale 2022 which was revised in 2017, and now after 5 years govt again revised the pay scale. The revision of pay scales will also be a big relief for govt employees as their other allowances other than basic salary will also be increased due to pay scales revision.

Punjab Cabinet has approved budget 2022-23 and announced 30pc salary increase for govt employees.

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30pc salary increase 2022 Punjab Govt
30pc salary increase 2022 Punjab Govt
30pc salary increase 2022 Punjab Govt