12 Countries that Produce Best Engineers in the World All You Need to Know

12 Countries that produces best Engineers in the World

Engineering is an important field that plays a vital role in human life. Besides Science, Engineering is interlinked with it. Scientists theorize about nature and Engineers apply such theories to practical operations and make the technological world better and possible.

Engineering and Science both fields complement each other. Engineering makes our life easier and brings development to the economy and other sectors of society. Although the Engineering field is tough demand for Engineers is always high. Engineers in the World getting handsome salaries and other benefits.

In this article, you will learn about the 12 Countries that produce the best Engineers in the World. The top Multinational companies always prefer to hire Engineers from these Countries.

  1. United States

The United States is at the top of the list that producing the best Engineers in the World. Its academic institutions like Harvard University, and Stanford University are the top academic institutes in Engineering. Apart from that World’s main Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and General Electric are working in the USA.

12 Countries that Produce Best Engineers in the World All You Need to Know
Havard University USA Best Engineering University

2. China

China is the Second best Country in producing quality Engineers. China emerged quickly in the World as of producer of the Best Engineers. China spent 2.4% of its GDP in 2020 just on Research & Development purposes. Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University are two big institutions in the Education sector of engineering.

3. Germany

Germany is famous for its Engineering. Germany spent a significant portion of its GDP on research and Development. In 2020 Germany spent 3.14% of its GDP on R & D. Germany is highly focused on industrial engineering and is one of the best producers of mechanical and Electrical engineers.

4. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the 4th number in the table of best-producing Engineers in the World. The UK is one of the prominent countries in Europe. The United Kingdom also produces quality Engineers. Its capital London was ranked the 10th top location for quality research & development for electronics engineering by FDI Intelligence.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland also produces the finest Engineers in the World. Especially in education and corporate infrastructure. The country is especially known for its contributions to genetic engineering. Switzerland Engineers built up a 35-mile-long railway tunnel that is as deep as 1.4 miles under the Alps. The country contributed 3.15 of the total of its GDP in 2019.

6. Japan

Japan also produces the best Engineers in the World. Japan is one of the largest exporters of electronics. Japan tops electronics-manufacturing companies including Hitachi, Panasonic, and Mitsubishi. Japan overwhelmingly dominates the global market for robotics. In 2020 Japan spent 3.26% of its GDP on R & D. University of Tokyo and Tohoku University are famous for engineering education.

12 Countries that Produce Best Engineers in the World All You Need to Know
Best Engineering University of Tokyo Japan

7. Netherlands

When you talk about Netherlands , it is one of the advanced country in th Europe. It is the top sixth country in the agriculture engineering. It also shines in other engineering like electrical engineering , mechancial engineering and software engineering. In 2020 Netherlands spent 2.29% of its GDP for engineering and Research & Development.

8. South Korea

South Korea also secure its palce on number 8 as a best engineers producers. The country has a strong electronics scene and is home to Samsung, the third largest electronics company in the world. The country is spending a huge percentage of its GDP for engineeirng research and development.

9. Sweden

Sweden is the scandinavian country of the Europe. Sweden spent 3.53% of its GDP for R & D. Sweden has a highly sophisticated infrastructure dedicated to the field of engineering. It includes specialized colleges, corporations and research centers. 

10. France

France also produces quality Engineers in the World. It has a strong tradition of quality education, especially in technical fields like engineering. France is best known for aeronautical engineering, with companies like Dassault Aviation.

11. Israel

Israel also made a remarkable progress in Engineerign field and secure place in top 12 Countries. Depite of its small size and population the country has made a name for itself in biomedical, electromechanical, agricultural, robotics and software engineering. 

12. Singapore

Singapore is a city state located in Southeast Asia. The country is home to a lot of cutting-edge manufacturing businesses that depend on qualified engineers to create high-quality products. Singapore is famous for its powerful education system. Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore are renowned institutes which produces qualified engineers in a range of subjects.

Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Technological University Singapore

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